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Our Schools

Learn how Albemarle County Schools are working to make bus transportation safer in our most recent issue, and be sure to check the  School Connection section on our website for upcoming open houses, educational links and more!

Stage & Screen Events

See The Phantom Tollbooth performed by the Enchantment Theatre Company at The Paramount Theater this Thursday, January 24, (CharlottesvilleFamily is a proud sponsor) and other performances.

CharlottesvilleFamily's Bloom Magazine

This month is another special flipped edition of our magazine. Click here to browse the January issue of CharlottesvilleFamily's Home and Bloom Magazine.

Advertisers: Applications for CharlottesvilleFamily's March issue are being accepted until February 1! Don't miss your chance to be in our popular publication. Interested advertisers who'd like to be included, can contact our sales staff here.