Answers to Recent "Buzz Around Town" Questions in CharlottesvilleFamily!


2020 Digital Guide to Health: Have you brought in outside help to assist with virtual at-home learning?


 2020 Digital Guide to Education: Do you plan to make changes to how your family lives after COVID?


May/June 2020: Are you talking about COVID-19 and the news in front of your children?


March/April 2020: Have you ever caught yourself repeating something your parents said to you?


January/February 2020: Do you allow family pets to sleep with your child(ren) at night?


November/December 2019: Do you let your child cry it out in public?



September/October 2019: Should parents be using children leashes?



July/August 2019: Do you let your kids play in public play areas when they're sick?



May/June 2019: Do you feel middle school-aged kids should be going on dates?




March/April 2019: Should parents allow their high schoolers to get tattoos?




February 2019: Do you bribe your child to get them to behave?




January 2019: Do you think it's appropriate for parents to get their infant's ears pierced?




December 2018: Are elementary-aged kids too young for smartphones?




November 2018: Do you parent differently when other parents are around?




October 2018: Would you allow your young daughter to wear "traditional" leggings as pants?




September 2018: Do you allow your child to be picky at the dinner table?




August 2018: Would you allow your son to play “dress up” with the girls?




July 2018: Do you feel paying your child an allowance for chores is effective?




June 2018: Do you think fashion has become too skimpy for elementary/middle school aged children?




May 2018: Do you actively try to facilitate a diverse group of friends for your child?




April 2018: Do you let your elementary-age child watch late-night television with you?




March 2018: Are you okay with another parent reprimanding your child?




February 2018: How has CharlottesvilleFamily impacted your family?




January 2018: Do you talk to your child about body weight?




December 2017: Should children's toys be more gender neutral?




November 2017: Do you talk with your kids about stories in the news?




October 2017: Should parents be allowed to bring a baby to a bar?




September 2017: Do you think cursive writing should still be taught in schools?




August 2017: Would you hold your child back in school for social reasons?




July 2017: Do you let your child(ren) play with toy guns?




June 2017: Are you always honest with your children?




May 2017: Do/did you let your baby cry it out on their own at night?




April 2017: Do you save for your child's college education?




March 2017: Should parents participate in their child's school PTO?




February 2017: Did you take your child(ren) to the voting polls?




March 2017: Should parents participate in their child's PTO?




February 2017: Did you take your child(ren) to the voting polls?




January 2017: Do you let your child(ren) under the age of 10 use social media or play interactive games online?




December 2016: Should parents shape their child's eating habits?




November 2016: Do you feel timeouts are effective?




October 2016: Do you think it is ever reasonable to let at 12-and-under child stay home alone?




September 2016: Should you let your toddlers watch TV?




August 2016: When setting up a play date with your child's friend, do you ask the other child's parent if they have a gun in their home?




July 2016: Was C-ville Kids in the right to change their name to C-ville Family?




June 2016: Are chores shared fairly in your family?




May 2016: Do you give your child melatonin to help them sleep?




April 2016: Do you feel your school's dress code is appropriate?




March 2016: Did you find out the gender of your baby in advance?




February 2016: Does your child receive the right amount of homework most nights?




January 2016: Do you allow your child to stay up and ring in the New Year?




November 2015: Is your child getting enough recess time at school?




October 2015: Do you take your child for a flu shot?




September 2015: Do you let your child walk home alone from school or the bus stop?




August 2015: Do you require your kids to do summer reading/homework?




July 2015: Do you ever let your child bike, skateboard or ride other wheels without a helmet?




June 2015: Do you use food as a reward?




May 2015: Do you post photos of your kids online?




April 2015: Do you let your child jump on trampolines?




March 2015: Do you let your child consume energy drinks?




February 2015: Have you ever lied about your child's age to get a discount?




January 2015: Should children who have been vaccinated be allowed to attend school?




December 2014: Does your child get a flu shot?



November 2014: Do you give money to panhandlers when your children are with you?



October 2014: Have you made and shared an emergency preparedness plan with your family?



September 2014: Do you attend back-to-school events?



August 2014: Do your children have fewer chores during the school year than they do during the summer?



July 2014: When driving, do you model good cell phone use for your children?



June 2014: In light of recent events, are you discussing child predators with your children?



May 2014: Do you give end-of-year gifts to you child's teachers?



April 2014: Do you support having special events at school for students with good grades?



March 2014: Do you ask the parents of your child's friends whether they have gins in their house?


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