Let the wonderful folks at the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library (JMRL) help your kids find their next favorite book! They recently compiled a list of books for all age groups, making your search for what to read next a cinch.

For a wide range of digital resources from JMRL, visit jmrl.org/on-download.htm. From there you will be able to access a variety of online services for magazines, a comic book collection, ebooks and downloadable audiobooks, and more through services like RBdigital and Overdrive/Libby.


Penguins Love Colors
by Sarah Aspinall
Paint splashes off the pages when a cluster of penguin siblings decide to create a special something for Mama Penguin. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Baby Goes to Market by Atinuke, Illustrated by Angela Brooksbank
Mama and baby head to the outdoor market in West Africa. As Mama shops, the curious baby collects his own wares. The rhythmic text makes this an excellent choice to read aloud.

Say Hello Like This by Mary Murphy
This delightful book introduces children to the different ways animals greet each other. This cheerful concept book will have listeners clucking, meowing and honking along.

The Big Umbrella by Amy June Bates and Juniper Bates
A big, red umbrella carried by a child spreads wide, welcoming one and all to find shelter under it. Somehow there is always room for one more. A mother-daughter duo created this lyrical book to promote inclusion and tolerance. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Farmyard Beat by Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown
Peeps can’t sleep, ‘cause they’ve got that beat. And, neither can the other farm animals. This toe-tappin’, rhythmic tale will have you bopping to the beat as well. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood
The curious little owl stays up during the day to see what the world looks like. As little owl experiences each different color for the first time, he says, “WOW!” This is a great interactive book to read with toddlers. 

Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won
Elephant wakes up grumpy but finds a surprise at his front door—a box with a hat! Elephant marches off to show his friend, Zebra, who is also having a bad day. As the hat is shared with each friend who is also feeling a little grumpy, “Hooray for Hat!” is shouted.

Who Has Wiggle-Waggle Toes? By Vicky Shiefman
Play and move together with this call and answer book about different body parts in action! Who’s your wiggle-waggle baby?

Today I’ll Be a Unicorn by Dana Simpson
Phoebe is going to be a unicorn and do everything a unicorn does. However, when it comes to some things like meal time, maybe being Phoebe is pretty great. Available digitally on Overdrive.

AGES 3–6

The Kindness Book
by Todd Parr
The Kindness Book answers the question, “What is kindness?” by giving examples of how we can show kindness in our families, communities and world. The pages are filled with pictures depicting “Kindness is . . .”, which can lead to great opportunities for discussion. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Hey, Water by Antionette Portis
As Zoe explores, she finds that water is everywhere, in puddles and ice, and around in all seasons. This simple and beautiful science picture book is a great introduction to the water cycle and water in all its forms.

Waiting for Chicken Smith by David Mackintosh
Every year, a young boy and his sister stay in the same cabin at the beach, and every year his friend, Chicken Smith, stays next door. When he that Chicken is not coming this year, the boy finds a surprising new friend close at hand. An illustrated story about change.

100 Bugs! - A Counting Book by Kate Narita, Illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman
Travel around the farm, searching the pond, barn and field for bugs of all kind. Spot 10 bugs and 10 bugs more, all the way to 100! A STEAM read that’s part science, part math and part search-and find. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Monkey with a Toolbelt and the Noisy Problem by Chris Monroe
This is a fun, silly book that is a great read-aloud. Monkey hears a rattling noise and uses his many tools on his toolbelt to try to solve the mystery of the noise. A great book for demonstrating problem solving in a delightful way. Available digitally on Overdrive.

If You Plant a Seed by Kadir Nelson
Of course if you plant a carrot seed, you will get a carrot. But what other things can a garden grow? Rabbit and mouse discover how different the harvest is when you plant a “seed of selfishness” to when you plant a “seed of kindness.”

Saving Fiona: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Baby Hippo by Thane Maynard
Meet Fiona, the premature hippo born so small she needed to be raised by human caretakers at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden. Full of adorable photographs of this famous hippo who you can catch up with online through the Cincinnati Zoo. Available digitally on Overdrive.

AGES 6–9

Mr. Penguin and the Lost Treasure
by Alex T. Smith (Humorous Mystery)
Mr. Penguin and spider sidekick Colin's first official adventure takes place at a wrecked Museum said to contain hidden treasure. A simple letter hunt quickly escalates to mysterious slides, hidden jungles and toothy twists. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Lety Out Loud by Angela Cervantes (Realistic Fiction)
Lety has recently immigrated from Mexico and is still uncomfortable using English to express her thoughts. But, she wants to leave her days in the special ELL class behind, so she joins the Animal Shelter Summer Camp and gets pulled into a whirlwind of ups and downs. As her friends rally around her, she finds herself succeeding in ways she never imagined. Available digitally on Overdrive, and also available in Spanish.

The Lost Stone by Jordan Quinn (Adventure; Fantasy)
In this first book in The Kingdom of Wrenly series, Prince Lucas and his friend, Clara, go on an adventure to find the queen’s lost emerald. In their travels, they encounter fairies, dragons, trolls and mermaids. This is a great choice for children beginning to read chapter books. Available digitally on Overdrive.

I Am a Wolf by Kelly Miller (Realistic Fiction)
A feisty and scrappy stray dog wants to be left alone just like a true wild wolf… or does she? When a young girl is able to look past the dog’s tough attitude, the dog soon realizes being loved and cared for is not so bad. Perfect for the early beginning reader. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Flying Deep: Climb Inside Deep-Sea Submersible Alvin by Michelle Cusolito, Illustrated by Nicole Wong (Nonfiction)
Climb aboard the submersible used to locate the Titanic, as you take an eight-hour trip down in the ocean for scientific research and work with the scientists on board as they collect samples.

When Sue Found Sue: Sue Discovers Her T. Rex by Tony Buzzeo, Illustrated by Diana Sudyka (Nonfiction)
In South Dakota in 1990, curious Sue Hendrickson, quiet and shy, discovered the largest, most complete T. Rex skeleton ever. With endless curiosity and an adventurous spirit, Sue’s discovery eventually became part of a permanent display at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History. Available digitally on Overdrive and Freading. 

Curiosity: The Story of a Mars Rover by Markus Motum (Nonfiction)
Travel 350,000,000 miles to planet Mars with Curiosity, the fourth successful rover to explore the red planet. Along the way, learn some amazing facts about space, Mars and space exploration.

Here's Hank by Henry Winkler (Realistic Fiction)
Hank is in the 2nd grade and hasn’t yet been diagnosed with dyslexia. Hank is excited to try out for the class play, but when his teacher realizes his struggles with reading, she creates a non-speaking part for him. When the lead in the play forgets his lines, Hank saves the day. This book is published with Dyslexie font. Available digitally on Overdrive.

AGES 9–11

Sunnyside Plaza
by Scott Simon (Realistic Friendship & Mystery)
Sal Gal can’t read, but she can do a lot of other things. When two detectives enter Sally’s world, they open up her horizons with their willingness to share special trips, friendship and their fear. A wonderful and timely read to encourage everyone staying behind closed doors to enjoy small moments as well as firsts! Available digitally on Overdrive. 

Sea Sirens by Amy Chu (Fantasy Graphic Novel)
Vietnamese-American Trot and her cat love surfing together, enough to sneak out to the beach when they should be guarding their forgetful grandfather. Only this time, a wave catches them and they find themselves in the middle of a battle between Sea Siren Mermaids and the Serpent King’s snakes. Available digitally on Overdrive.

The Real McCoys by Matthew Swanson (Mystery, Humor)
When the beloved school mascot, goes missing, Moxie, “the world’s greatest fourth-grade detective,” tries to get to the bottom of the case. While searching, Moxie is also looking for a new best friend. When her brother Milton, who’s “as boring as a butter knife,” joins the case things start to fall in place. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks by Jason Reynolds (Realistic Fiction)
Through 10 tales, follow students home from school as they encounter a variety of situations. From the group of friends swindling candy for a noble purpose to the lone boy trying to avoid a terrifying dog, each story will leave you pleasantly surprised. Available digitally on Overdrive.

Save Me a Seat by Sarah Weeks (Realistic Fiction)
Ravi just moved to America from India and has always done well in school. Joe has lived in the same town all his life and struggles with learning disabilities. It’s a fast-moving story about two classmates who must look past their differences to deal with a common enemy. Available digitally on Overdrive.

A Slip of a Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff (Historical Fiction in Verse)
The English see the cottage homes of Irish tenants as disposable, but Anna knows how much meaning a home holds. She is not about to give up the place where she and her siblings grew, the home she promised her mother she would protect. Available digitally on Overdrive.

The Miscalculations of Lightning Girl by Stacy McAnulty (Realistic Fiction)
Lucy, 12, has been homeschooled by her grandmother since she was 8 years old, when a lightning strike left her a math genius. Math is easy for Lucy; making friends isn’t so easy. Will Lucy be able to find a way to use her unique gift to help her classmates solve a problem? Available digitally on Overdrive.

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